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Badge is a trophy which can be gathered by users. They can be seen on the official site of the user's Keep.

Most of them are gained by taking part in some of the Events, but there are also badges marking members of some guilds or associations.


User can be a member of only one guild. One user can have only one of the badges listed below. This is not permanent, the guild can be left, and a user can join another guild and have another badge.

Watertrident.gif  Member of Society of the Trident

Darkbadge.gif  Member of the Dark Brotherhood

Herbalistguildnecklace.png  Member of the Herbalist Guild


User can be a member of any association. Joining the association results in obtaining a specific badge.

Artificer-pin.gif Member of the Artificer's Association

Cobrafangg.png Access to the Black Market

Naturepreserve.png Member of the Preservationists Association


Badges listed below are gained by users who participated in events. This is usually determined, not only by logging on during the event but by taking part in any event's activities, e.g. to receive Christmas badge, a user must give a certain amount of presents to other users.

Winter Solstice

Christmas2009.gif 2009

Christmas2010.gif 2010

Christmas2011.gif 2011

Christmas2012.gif 2012

Christmas2013.png 2013

Roastgoose.gif 2014

Xmas2015.png 2015

Christmas2016.png 2016

Christmas2017.png 2017

Christmas2018.png 2018

Xmas19badge.png 2019

Hollybee.png 2020


Halloween2011.gif 2011

Halloween2012.gif 2012

Halloween2013.png 2013

Candlebadge.png 2014

BlackCat.gif 2015

Halloween2016.png 2016

Hallowjack.png 2017

Halloween2018.png 2018

Halloween2019.png 2019

Halloween20.png 2020



Magiversary2010.png 2010

Magiversary2011.gif 2011

Magiversary2013.gif 2013

Crystalbadge3.png 2014

Magiversary 2015.png 2015

Magiversary 2016.png 2016

Magiversary2017.png 2017

Magiversary2018.png 2018

10yearbadge.png 2019

Magiversary2020.png 2020

Magiversary21.png 2021

Valentine's Day

Valentines badge.gif 2014

Ilubadge.png 2015

Valentine2016.png 2016


Travellerpack.png - received after donating at least Gold.png 1 in An Anniversarial Interruption quest. This quest was a part of Magiversary 2014 event, but this badge wasn't the official Magiversary badge.

MS Beetle.png - received for participating in the cleansing of Alveus.

Dustpanbadge.png - received after turning in at least 1 Dust Bunny hatchling during the cleaning of the Keep event.

Celestialbadge.gif - received after turning in at least 1 Celestial Butterfly egg (purple, blue or green), in a quest Candle in the Water.

Donecbadge.png - received after turning in 4 Donec Fish eggs in the quest Changing Currents

Tetzcotalbanner.png - received for participating in the discovery of Tetzcotal

Calidisbadge.png - received after turning in at least 2 Phoenix eggs in the quest Calidis

Boreusflake.png - received for participating in the Boreus Expedition