Seasonal drinks can sometimes cause some funny effects upon drinking. They make you "drunk" and your writing in forum posts is altered to make it appear as if you are typing drunk. Sometimes drinking them has also other effects.

Most of them were sold at Remy's Inn, but there are some drinks that appeared in other shops.

Remy keeps tabs on what you've bought so you can find every drink that you had in your Inventory.

Image Name Description
Remy's Summer Brew Remy's Summer Brew The drink fills you with a refreshing feeling of warmth and energy.
Remy's Summer Brew Remy's Autumn Cider The drink fills you with a refreshing feeling of warmth and energy.
Spiked Cocoa Spiked Cocoa The drink fills you with warmth, holding off the cold of winter.
Strawberry Sun Tea Strawberry Sun Tea This drink makes you feel like a fresh breeze is blowing around you, bringing the smell of new growth.
Celebratory Champagne Celebratory Champagne The drink seems to give you a slightly happier anniversary!
Spiced cider Spiced Cider The drink reminds you of autumns past. It also gives you a slight tingly feeling...
Blackberry Cordial Blackberry Cordial The drink is bittersweet, tasting of fresh berries picked in The Keep's gardens.
Coffee Callisto Coffee As expected, this beverage tastes like coffee, whiskey, and wonder.
Francistini Francis-tini This green drink tastes refreshingly of apples, and is quite cold.
Pumpkin mead Pumpkin Mead This pumpkin has been carved out and filled with a dark liquid. A quick sip of this unusual drink confirms that is a sweet pumpkin mead.
Remy's Homemade Dandelion Tea Reserve Remy's Homemade Dandelion Tea Reserve This cool beverage has many subtle flavors and undertones, and as far as you can tell, none of them are dandelion derived.
Gingerbread Mantini Gingerbread Mantini The drink had a strong flavour of apple and cinnamon twisted with something rich and sharp that you can't quite name.
Passion-Punch Passion Punch You order a glass of the mesmerizingly sweet and swirly drink. A small note with scribbly hand-drawn letters is attached to it. "You're as dainty as a kraken disemboweling a rowboat."
Sweet Cherry Margarita Sweet Cherry Margarita A sharp taste of cherry emerges from underneath all the sweetness.
Celebratory Cocktail Celebratory Cocktail You raise the glass to your lips and are rewarded with the taste of... How did that end up in the drink?!
Clover Concoction Clover Concoction The dark emerald liquid of the drink has the green sweetness of freshly cut grass and memories of summers past, yet a sharp aftertaste.
Acorn Sip Acorn Sip Oak leaves are tied to the straw of this full and rich drink. The taste of the liquid makes you think of the clear and crisp autumn days lush with color and smell.
Snowflake Mixer Snowflake Mixer The bright red flower that comes with the drink instantly puts you in a festive mood as the curiously prickly yet ice cold drink passes your tongue.
Berry Blush Berry Blush The taste of the drink is sweet and rich, like licking on velvet... without the hairy feeling on your tongue.
Party Paloma Party Paloma The drink is clear both in appearance and in taste. It gets you in quite a festive mood.
Swirly Slush Swirly Slush This ice cold drink comes with a little silvery bauble.
Hearty Sunset Hearty Sunset The liquor lingers on your tongue, heavy and sweet.
Taste of Spring Taste of Spring The first sip tastes like chocolate, the second like fresh flowers. Uh... nice?
Anniversary Absinthe Anniversary Absinthe The sweet smell of the liquor didn't prepare you for the stinging sensation on your tongue that makes your eyes water as you take a sip.
Strawberry Limeade Strawberry Limeade Chilled and sweet the lush drink is refreshing with the sweetness of the strawberries getting a nice added kick from chopped up pieces of lime.
Pumpkin Punch Pumpkin Punch Frothing, pleasantly warm, and just spicy enough the thick liquid is like soft velvet on your tongue.
Beer Stein Horn Beer Stein Horn Slightly bitter amber colored liquid pours down your throat and leaves a whisper of white froth on your upper lip.
Marshmallow Mash Marshmallow Mash The drink is sweet, thick, soft, sticky, and just runny enough to classify it as a liquid.
Heartthrob Drink Heartthrob *gigglesnort*
Bat Chalice Bat Chalice An irony aftertaste lingers in your mouth a little too long after drinking this prickly red liquid.
Remy's Special Holiday Cheer Remy's Special Holiday Cheer Even the sight and smell of this bubbly yet surprisingly warm drink gets you in the holiday spirit.