Krakens are extremely difficult to find, and are rarely discovered in streams or rivers. A magi must travel to the depths of oceans and seas to find such an egg, and the journey is often perilous and full of danger. They have the strongest water powers of any animal known, capable of causing massive floods or storms. They have eight large tentacles, and can grow to be two tons or more in weight. A kraken makes a formidable ally, and will even carry their owner across oceans.



This grey blue egg is wet and cool to the touch, and a tentacle pokes out of the side.



Your egg has become a kraken hatchling, tiny and full of curiosity. Although needing to constantly be immersed in water, this little beast needs lots of attention, crying for attention and companionship. If left alone too long, it becomes sad and lonely, trilling unhappily to itself. Its little tentacles are just long enough to wrap around your hand, and its beak is dull and harmless. It eats fish, bits of meat, and various objects it can get its little suckers on. It also seems to have taken a liking to sucking your thumb.



This kraken has matured into a ferocious adult. Its tentacles have elongated to astonishing lengths, and its beak has grown sharp and extremely dangerous. It feeds on large fish, and will wrap around its prey before devouring it. In its adult form, a kraken spends most of the day lying deep underwater, watching all that occurs from the shadows. Spending most of its time in oceans and seas, it returns to Lake Lakira to sleep and visit with its magi. On any watery quest, a kraken is a good companion, making any beast that comes near think twice about attacking.


X Krakenadult
= Krakenadult
X Adultocto
Ice Octopus
= Ice Kraken Adult
Ice Kraken

Additional Information

  • No. 4
  • Obtained from the Stream (very common). It was also possible to obtain Kraken hatchling by drinking Blackberry Cordial.
  • Released: May 2009
  • Sprites: Rijolt
  • Description: Damien
  • Side art: Glasswalker
  • Origins: Kraken is a legendary sea monster, said to destroy ships.
  • Trivia:
    • One of the gender choices in the CPU is "Kraken"