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Magiwiki is a wiki styled fansite of the game Magistream. Since anyone can edit and create articles Magiwiki, is a true user-powered fansite.

Recent News

All creature pages that have different male and female sprites have been updated. Also updated two creature pages that are based off real life animals. Trading system and breeding system now have pages!

I also have started a creature value sheet that hasn't been posted yet. We'll see where it goes and what/if gets posted.

Getting the script from quests up! I know I have the Mysterious Business quest up, and am currently going to put one or more up! -ShenziSixaxis

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What is MagiWiki?

MagiStream Wiki (or MagiWiki) is an user powered fansite for the web game, MagiStream. The sense for MagiWiki is to have an open, free environment, and be content-rich. Any user that can fill in information is encouraged to add it to an existing page, or create it if it's new.

Since MagiStream is continually growing, the Wiki is always, and still is a work in progress project. There are many gaps in information. If you have anything to add, don't hesitate to add it.

And don't be afraid to ask someone for help with wiki coding; or leave a note in your edit/new page for someone to add coding.

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